This site has some gorgeous bags coming!

I have already ordered one, a fantastic bright pink briefcase!! This site was made on WordPress as the customer had bought a site through another company and had no access to the site to change anything.

We have kept the old site live and linked it to the new site. The new site will be updated by the owner with “Bags of the Week” & “Bestsellers” in a blog format AND you’ll be able to buy through the site using the paypal link.

This is really basic e-commerce solution, perfect for only a few items and easy peasy to update yourself. In the future, with a e-commerce plugin added, it can become a bigger more powerful shopping site, cataloging items and stock, when the owner is ready.

Check out the site here, it is very, very new and will be updated by the owner each week, so click the rss feed link at the bottom of the site to see the new products as they get loaded on.